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"American Soul"

nominated by

the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) 2020

Pizzicato (Luxembourg)

« Genuinely supported by pianist Léna Kollmeier, soprano Stephany Ortega provided bright entertainment in this showcase concert. With a terrific stage presence and highly communicative singing she presented a glittering assemblage including I Got Rhythm, I Hate Music and I Feel Pretty, as well as the emotionally enriched Do not go  my love. With amazing characterizations, the ability to adapt the vocal delivery to each song and to add appropriate theatrical acting, Duo Rosa’s show was a smashing success. »

Crescendo Magazine (Belgium)

« In ‘American Soul: Art Songs, Broadway & Cabaret Songs’, a programme full of contrasts performed by the Duo Rosa, the soprano Stephany Ortega proved to be completely at ease in this repertoire, which perfectly matches her pure, sprightly voice: a name to remember, at least in this repertoire. »     

D'Lëtzebuerger Land (Luxembourg)

« An efficient, straightforward musical journey that leaves no time for boredom. »

Rivista Musica (Italy)

«These are truly interesting artists … displaying passionate engagement in an American programme of the 1900’s. »



Hänssler Classic (2019)

Produced by Marco Battistella | Mixed by Maurrice Barnich | Mastered by Horst Pfaffelmayer

Selected as « Album for History » 

by RITMO Magazine

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« Return » selected as 'Album for History' by RITMO (Spain)

« … Coaxing the audience to follow the flow of lyric singing as if it was popular music is no easy task, but in this case the combination of folklore with avant-garde repertoire amply rises to the challenge. » 

Pizzicato (Luxembourg)

« … Ortega does not need to set herself any limits in terms of interpretation; thus, her keenly perceptive, strongly emotional performance does full justice to the song’s content. A class act! …

The Duo Rosa impressively highlights the dramatic and concrete narrative energy contained in these songs, leading us to discover hidden melodic beauty in several cases ... »

Musiq'3 (Belgium)

« With Stephany Ortega’s well-timbred, powerful voice and Léna Kollmeier’s confident, precise piano playing, these Latin American songs sound like hymns to an entire continent ... in the beauty of her phrasing, Léna Kollmeier proves that she is likewise capable of 'singing', even in the piano parts. »


Etcetera Records (2016)

Produced by Marco Battistella | Mixed and mastered by Maurice Barnich

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